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Side Effects in homeopathy

Yes. Homeopathy has no side effects. One of the great advantages in using homeopathy is that it offers gentle medicine that not only doesn't have side effects, but can even be used to eliminate the side effects a less superior medicine, such as drugs, creates.

Often, people new to homeopathy confuse side effects with aggravations. Allow me to clarify. An aggravation is an exacerbation of symptoms presenting shortly after taking a homeopathic remedy. An exacerbation of symptoms rarely occurs when a patient is in a high pitched state. That is, when the migraines are occurring, when the menses is flooding, when the arthritis is enflamed. And even less frequently occurs in the hands of an experienced homeopath. However, if indeed an aggravation ensues, it often occurs within the first few days of the first dose. It is the sign that the correct remedy has been chosen, but is dreaded by some patients. This is unfounded, since it is often fleeting. Most importantly, an experienced homeopath can keep an aggravation from occurring.

"Homeopathy for me are effective natural remedies that have no side effects." Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

Anytime we use homeopathy for acute illness, such as a cold, bee sting, laceration, etc. in which low potencies and short term use are employed, we can expect no aggravation. In this situation it is extremely rare to see any effect from this other than curative. In fact in my 21 years of homeopathy experience, I've never seen an aggravation when using a remedy for any acute illness.

Let's consider a side effect. A side effect comes from a substance that is a toxin (i.e. aspirin causes an ulcer) because it is still in the material form hence the poisonous aspect of the substance remains. The ulcer is not within the person's make up, it is a response to a toxin. Additionally, it is a response that is experienced by a large number of people. It is not unique to that person. In a homeopathic remedy, the poisonous aspect is removed by potenization, (the dilution process) and only the curative aspect remains. Occasionally, a client will report that he feels tired after taking a constitutional remedy. This is the body's way of finding the best way to heal. The body does this by aggravating the old symptoms, not creating new ones. Indeed, the best way to heal is during sleep. Do you see how very different these two paradigms are? One is an effort to deal with a toxic substance, the other is the body's effort to complete the illness and get back to home. Hence, if there is a reaction (and there rarely is one in the hands of a good homeopath) it is NOT a side effect, but an aggravation. Nomenclature is key here.

Having said this, homeopathy is medicine, albeit natural, safe, gentle medicine. Nonetheless, it should be treated judiciously; not with a cavalier attitude.